Thursday, 23 August 2012

Think about what you are thinking about

Please don't think for a moment that with a title like this, I am telling you as someone with OCD or mental health challenges that you should ruminate or obssess, This is just the title of something I was listening to Today. I have been listening to a discussion on the Mormon Channel, which was an interview with an LDS Family services counsellor called Bruce K Fordham.

It was good to hear the things he spoke about. He was discussing how we can sometimes feel like our thoughts control us. His interview on the Mormon Channel and also in an Ensign article published in April 2009 outline a simple two step process to gaining control again of our thoughts.

His simple technique for combatting intrusive or unwanted thoughts are as follows –

First, we can treat the thought with indifference, preventing it from developing or becoming engaging to our minds.

Second, we can replace the negative idea with a wholesome thought or activity.

I found the interview on the Mormon channel more insightful and helpful than what was written in the Ensign article as it's a bit more in depth.

Here is a link to the podcast

However, Here is the link to his Ensign article

Think about what you are thinking about

While this is not an unusual or a unique approach, I found it helpful to hear a member of the church who knows about mental health challenges say that you don’t have to challenge your bad thoughts, infact you are allowed to be indifferent and unresponsive.


J to the Radical said...

Hi there, I love your blog. I am LDS (inactive) but am planing on going back here pretty soon however it has been hard due to the pure-o. Is there anyway I could emial you and give you my brief story and try to get some advice and tips and see if you can relate to my fears/thoughts?
I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

LDSRuminations said...

Hi J. I just sent you an email.

Verl Allen said...

May I have you email me, or respond to this comment, with a link to the Bruce K Fordham interview. The link in this article is broken

LDSRuminations said...

Hi Verl, it appears that the podcast is no longer available, which is a shame. Sorry about that. The link to the article is still working however. Happy to give you my email -

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